The Davenport Companies Donate Computers to Laptops for KidZ

(SOUTH YARMOUTH, MA) – The Davenport Companies in South Yarmouth, MA continued their tradition of donating refurbished computers to the Masonic Angel Foundation’s Laptops for KidZ project on August 9, 2019.

Ten fully functional laptops were donated this year.

The program began in March 2010 and The Davenport Companies have taken part since its inception.

According to the Foundation, the effort was started as families in the area struggled to pay their bills amid the economic downturn at the time.

Now in the ninth school year of operation, Laptops for KidZ volunteers have seen the uses of their computers evolve beyond what anyone imagined.

“From kids doing routine homework assignments, to students doing advanced videography, tech school students running advanced engineering software, to an elementary school student designing a literary magazine, to special needs students whose laptops are literally their means of communication – the success stories are so moving,” said MAF President Robert Fellows.

“We never know the children’s names, but the success stories filter back to us through the schools. Laptops for KidZ computers are being used in ways we never imagined back in 2010.”

The Masonic Angels have placed thousands of refurbished computers across Southeastern Massachusetts through the Laptops for KidZ project.

Donated Windows laptops are refurbished by the Masons’ team of volunteer technicians.

“The Davenport Companies are pleased to help this worthy cause every year,” said Steve Hiersche, Director of Information Technology for The Davenport Companies.

“It’s important that school children across the region have access to current technology that allows them to excel in school and eventually in their careers,” said Hiersche.

Laptops are delivered to area schools to be sent home with children who do not have access to a computer outside school hours. Many recipient families are eligible for Comcast’s $9.95/month Internet Essentials broadband access program.

When computers are donated, the first thing LFK volunteers do is wipe and overwrite the hard drives. Then they make necessary repairs and reconfigure the machine with a fresh Windows 10 Pro license that MAF receives as a non-profit member of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.

Laptops are configured with Open Office and Avast Antivirus.


The Davenport Companies, established in 1956, is now a fourth-generation family-owned business employing over 1,300 people at more than a dozen companies throughout New England. For more information visit or contact Matt Pitta at (508)-760-9293.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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