Should Massachusetts increase funding for the tourism industry?

Following a recent Boston Business Journal article on the state of tourism funding in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this week’s BBJ question of the week is: Should Massachusetts increase funding for the tourism industry. The question allows for three possible answers, and our industry’s response must be an unequivocal YES, the state should increase funding for the tourism industry.
Highlights of the article include the following:
  • While the tax revenue generated by tourism has increased 134% over the past 15 years, tourism funding has steadily decreased and in 2017 it reached its lowest level since 2013.
  • In 2017 the Commonwealth allocated just over $10M for tourism funding. Many states that compete with MA for tourism market share – including NY, Florida and California – spent between $50M – $120M on destination marketing and tourism in 2017.
  • Not only is there a growing disparity between the dollars generated by our industry and the dollars allocated for tourism marketing, the current model leaves the tourism industry uncertain of its year-to-year funding because budget cuts constantly loom over the industry.
  • According to the MA Taxpayers Foundation, in terms of employment tourism is the state’s third largest sector, but usually the first to be cut when budget reductions are needed.
If you agree that the state should increase funding for the tourism industry, please show your support by voting yes here for increased funding for our tourism industry.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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