New Retail Rules for Remote Fulfillment & Curbside Pickup

New Retail Rules for Remote Fulfillment & Curbside Pickup
COVID-19 Essential Services FAQs

Updated: Sunday, May 24, 2020
• Can non-essential businesses bring in a small number of employees in order to remotely
fulfill online or phone orders? YES if following the remote fulfillment guidelines
• These rules do not apply to or otherwise restrict retail businesses listed in Section
1 of COVID-19 Order No. 33.
• Retailers must immediately adopt and maintain all generally applicable COVID19 workplace safety rules
• Facilities must be closed to the public, as the allowance is for the fulfillment of
remote sales/orders only, through delivery or curbside pickup
• Operating hours must allow for sufficient ongoing off-hour sanitation/cleaning
• All employees must wear face coverings while on-site
• All employees must maintain 6 feet social distancing and employers should
stagger employees within the facility to ensure social distancing
• Any deliveries made by employees must be ‘no-contact’ deliveries: items must be
left in mailboxes, mailrooms, garages, lobbies, at doorstep, or similar no-contact
drop-off points
• Beginning May 25, non-essential retailers may offer curbside pickup under the
following rules:
• Items must be paid for in advance
• There shall be no physical interaction allowed between employees and
customers; pickup must be completed by the customer without employee
assistance. However, employees may provide limited assistance as needed
to customers with disabilities
• Pickup times should be staggered to avoid any customer interaction
• Adult use marijuana retailers should comply with the Cannabis Control
Commission’s guidance for curbside pickup
• Employers must stagger shift start/stop times and breaks/lunchtimes in order to
minimize contact
• Facilities must have readily accessible hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities
for employee use
• There must be enough space within the facility for all employees present to be
able to maintain six feet of social distancing, and staffing levels should be limited
to only those employees necessary to fulfill orders for delivery or curbside
• Employee workspaces must be cleaned frequently, following public health
• Employers must require employees to self-administer a temperature check prior to
beginning each shift. Any employee with any symptoms, including a temperature
over 100.0 degrees, must not report to work and should self-isolate, contact their
doctor and follow medical guidance.
• Employees in quarantine, due to exposure to a known case of COVID-19 or
someone with COVID-19 like illness, must remain under quarantine for 14 days
since day of exposure and not report to work
• Employers must strictly adhere to any further workplace guidance
• Facilities found in noncompliance with this order must be closed immediately
• Facilities unable to fully comply with all of these parameters shall not operate.

Author: Katy Acheson

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