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We are all faced with unique challenges during this unprecedented Covid-19 health emergency. Now it is more important than ever to focus on our health. Although we aren’t ready to re-open our doors, we are ready to open a window and offer our class schedule and personal training online.
Last week we filmed a few classes and posted them to YouTube and Facebook but that just isn’t enough. We know the importance of routine and community so this week we are going to try something new—livestreaming.
Our personal trainers are here for you! Whether you are an ongoing “regular” client or just need a little boost to get you motivated at home, schedule a 30 or 60 minute virtual personal training session with Eric, Jen, Craig, Jami or Erin.
Appointments can be booked by emailing your trainer of choice to set up a time to connect. The cost is $40 for 30 minutes, $75 for 60 minutes. Members on a personal training memberships can use sessions from their package. Once the appointment it booked the trainer will send you an invitation to a “Zoom meeting.” Let us know if you have equipment at home—if not, that’s ok too. Tell us your goals and we will make it work!
All trainer bios can be found here:
We have various equipment in all 3 offices that can be sold with curbside pickup including long tubing, therabands, half rolls, etc. Text 508-477-6128 for product availability and information.
We will be livestreaming some of our regular classes this week starting with Burdenko Mat Class on Tuesday 3/24 at 9am. Check the Mindbody app or our website to sign up for our virtual classes.
Please note: We are in the process of freezing all memberships for 21 days 3/16-4/6. This will effect future billing dates. If you sign up for one of our virtual classes during this time period, we will release the freeze on your account and your membership will become active.
Follow the steps to sign up for classes:
1. Set up a free account on the website/app:
Zoom is a video sharing portal that allows us to livestream classes with you. Using your mobile device, tablet or personal computer, you can set up a free account. When prompted, you will be asked to create an account using an email and password. Please use the email that you have on file with us at Mashpee Fitness.
2. Check the Mashpee Fitness Website, Mashpee Fitness App or Mindbody App to see what virtual classes we will be offering. We will be constantly adding more classes so keep checking!
3. Register for a class as you normally would through Mindbody using our website, the Mashpee Fitness App or Mindbody App. Select “Book Class” This will officially sign you up for the virtual class.
  • If you are on a class membership, you are all set
  • Members on a Basic membership can drop into 1 virtual class for $15 or purchase a 10-class punch card for $100
  • Non-members can drop into 1 virtual class for $20 or purchase a 10-class punch card for $150
4. Once you have signed up and are on the class roster, we will email you the zoom meeting ID and passcode. It’s important that you sign up for the class at least 30 minutes before the start of class so that we have the opportunity to send you the zoom meeting ID and passcode that you will need in order to access the virtual class.
5. Beginning 15 minutes before the start of class, you will be able to log into the class via Zoom. Check your email and junk folders for the Zoom meeting ID and passcode. Your instructor will be live in the virtual studio setting up. You will be able to see and hear the instructor. You will also be able to see the other students in the virtual class by clicking on the audio and visual buttons on the screen. We ask that you turn your microphone off to minimize interruptions during class but feel free to leave your video camera on so we can all see you! It will be fun to get that classroom and community feel.
6. Follow along and enjoy! We are excited for this opportunity to connect with you.
Please note: If you are having trouble signing up for a class or logging into zoom, email or text us at 508-477-6128. We won’t always have the front desk staffed to answer phone calls so please email or text us for a quick response.
Here are the links to the 5 free classes we posted last week:
Mashpee Fitness Stretch with Craig
Mashpee Fitness Move with Craig
Mashpee Fitness Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Ally
Mashpee Fitness Burdenko Mat with Erin Part 2
Mashpee Fitness Burdenko Mat with Erin Part 1

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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