Help Pam Wills Overcome Cervical Cancer

Mashpee Chamber Member, Pamela C Wills, is facing down a rare form of cervical cancer. Her daughter wrote this message:

On August 2nd, my mom, Pam Wills, found out that she has a rare form of cervical cancer.

As I watched her accept the news of this totally unexpected diagnosis with panic growing in my mind, she stayed calm, cool and collected, like she always does. Her chill exterior at such a pivotal life moment immediately comforted me. I was reminded of how strong she is, and how she rarely asks for help.

Over the next few months, Pam will likely need lots of help. She’ll be going to Cape Cod Hospital every day for a course of chemotherapy and radiation. It is likely that she will not have a lot of energy during this process. Because all of her income is based on freelance work, she and I are already concerned about making ends meet.

If you know us even a little bit, you know she’s always there for me. Even when juggling three jobs plus her own business, she still makes time to listen to me ramble about college audition songs and monologues or drive me to voice lessons.

Pam and I are a unique unit. She is my mom as well as my best friend. She is someone who exudes love and light from her heart and spreads it around to all she comes into contact with. Through our many car rides, shows, and late-night conversations, she has been teaching me to do the same. It breaks my heart that this obstacle has placed itself in her path. In order for her to overcome this obstacle, Pam has to spend the next few months focused on healing. The last thing I want her to worry about is paying the bills.

She’s put me first every day, my whole life. Now, I want more than anything to put HER first and help her feel supported through this challenging health obstacle. It is here that I will ask that you please give whatever you are comfortable giving. We accept any and all kindnesses with open arms and grateful hearts. Thank you, very very much for supporting Pam and me through this difficult time.

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Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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