Habitat Cape Cod Hurricane Irma/Florida Disaster Response

Habitat Cape Cod Volunteer Thom Barrett is heading to Middle Keys, Florida to help their local affiliate rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Irma.

Thom is hoping a small group of volunteers will join him.

We understand that this is very short notice, and that you may like to be a part of a Disaster Response Team, but not in the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about this trip or having your name added to a future trip contact list please email Tara@habitatcapecod.org.

Trip Details
• Group trip date is Tuesday, November 27th to Thursday, December 6th.
• You have to arrange and fund your own flight and transportation to the Middle Keys.
• You have the option to stay at a local church (we are confirming that this is free) or a nearby hotel (we are looking into discounted rates).
• Thom will help you get from the hotel or church to the job site and back again.
• The Middle Keys Habitat affiliate would provide you with lunch on work days but you would be responsible for your own breakfast and dinner.

** Habitat Cape Cod will help the group facilitate communication amongst yourselves about flights and where to stay. We hope to have a more organized trip in the future.

If you would like to help with planning a future trip please email Tara@habitatcapecod.org.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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