Funding the Visitor Information Centers

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Each year, Regional Tourism Councils all over Massachusetts depend on a public-private partnership to help offset operating costs for state-owned visitor centers, which serve more than 2.5 million travelers annually and cost more than $1 million for staffing and overhead.

This year the state DID NOT FUND these visitor centers.

Many Massachusetts Visitor Centers have had to adjust their hours and services. This sends a bad message to those visiting our state.

Visitor Information Centers are our state’s welcome centers and in many cases the first stop and impression one has when visiting our state by car. These state-owned centers are located at strategic locations across Massachusetts, including Salisbury, Plymouth, Cape Cod, Wareham, Greenfield, Adams, Lancaster and Boston. They provide visitors with a central location/portal for things to do, places to visit, attractions, and mapping. Travelers consistently stop at Massachusetts Visitor Centers for respite, refreshments, maps and guides, and to ask specific questions regarding traffic and weather conditions.

Without a sustainable public-private partnership, visitor centers will close just like Chelmsford, Merrimac, Mansfield and Swansea. Clearly, it is unwelcoming and discouraging to the traveling public to have centers closed, in disrepair and not offering sanitary facilities.

Please use the link below to contact your State Legislators and urge them to secure funding for the Visitor Information Centers in FY 20 and beyond. This crisis should not occur each year.

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Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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