Experienced Cape Cod Professionals join Board of Cape Cod Child Development Program

New members bring strong fiscal oversight and non-profit expertise

Hyannis, January 3, 2019 – The largest provider of quality early childcare education and Early Intervention on Cape Cod and the Islands has elected to its Board of Directors Paul Niedzwiecki, Executive Director and General Counsel at Southfield Redevelopment Authority, and Frank Mello, CPA and CFP Partner at De Paola Begg and Associates.

Paul Niedzwiecki

Niedzwiecki, who will serve as treasurer on the CCCDP Board, is widely known for his dedicated public service and many years in nonprofit management, governance and finances. Most notably, he served for ten years as Executive Director of the Cape Cod Commission. A graduate of Suffolk University, where he earned both an undergraduate degree in public administration and a Doctor of Law degree, Niedzwiecki has both written and spoken extensively on issues facing non-profits.

“Cape Cod Child Development Program is critically important for the children on Cape Cod and the Islands and I am proud to serve the agency in this capacity,” said Niedzwiecki. “It goes without saying that children are the future of our communities and when we support their development, we are also strengthening our communities.”

Frank Mello

The CCCDP board also recruited a highly experienced certified public accountant with its recent appointment of Frank Mello to the Board of Directors. Mello has substantial experience advising nonprofit organizations on fiscal governance and budget management issues. Mello, who along with Niedzwiecki, was elected in November 2018, now serves on the board’s finance committee.

“Nonprofit organizations face unique financial challenges, particularly those whose mission is to serve children,” he said. “Securing adequate funding is obviously important, but how we allocate those funds is just as important. I’m looking forward to my service to this great organization.”

The addition of these two new board members has put CCCDP on a stronger footing heading into 2019, said Board Chair Sheryl Walsh. “We had a number of challenges in 2018, but we have made significant progress in addressing fiscal and organizational issues,” she said.

Last fall, the CCCD Board appointed Nancy Sorbo, a highly valued senior staff member of CCCD, to serve as Interim Agency Director. Since her appointment, Ms. Sorbo has been actively engaged in staff development and identifying areas within the organization that require additional focus and resources.

Now in its 47th year, CCCDP is substantially funded through the federal Head Start program and by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). Head Start and EEC have supplied independent reviews and recommendations this past year on how the organization can best deliver quality early education services for which it is known. Those reviews and recommendations have helped form the basis of a revised Agency roadmap that will ensure CCCD’s success going forward.

We are fortunate to have Head Start and EEC part

ner with us to continue to shape CCCD to be the best child care agency we can be, in service to the thousands of children whose lives have been touched over the years” said Ms. Sorbo. “We are likewise grateful to our many supporters and funders within our communities who understand the value of CCCD and understand the mission of taking care of Cape Cod’s children and families.”

About CCCDP Cape Cod Child Development is a non-profit organization that has been providing quality childcare, early education, developmental intervention and support services for the children and families of Cape Cod and the Islands since 1971. For additional information on Cape Cod Child Development, please visit www.cccdp.org.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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