Cynthia Goldberg “From My Heart”

Cynthia Goldberg “From My Heart”
Artist, Author, Speaker, Advocate
Helping others find inspiration to be at their best while incorporating community engagement.

Facebook: @FromMyHeartCynthiaGoldberg

Meet Cynthia!
“Hi from Mashpee, MA. This is where I live, love and work.
I enjoy books and reading, and I even write poetry.
I also have some very special paying jobs in the world of advocacy.”

1. For the Kennedy Donavan Center (KDC) I co-founded CAST (Cape Advocates Stand Together). There we meet monthly to work on handling difficult challenges.

2. For the Department of Disabilities (DDS) I participate in trainings. I attend two a month and serve as one of their consultants.

3. Recently Massachusetts Advocates Standing Together hired me for 10-15 hours a month to be a researcher on a Grant Project. This research is to find out important transition information for young people ages 18-21 who have challenges.

These are three important jobs, but I still have time to do more. I am available from one to three mornings a week. Please feel free to contact me at this number 508-681-9227.

Helping Rep. David Vieira


Some very special thoughts of mine to share with you:
“Love is a matter of having friends that never end.”
“Face your fears. Never give up. There is always time to give and care.”
“Love others the way you want to be loved.”

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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