Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod Live On- Line Programming for April 27 to May 3

The Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod continues to provide live online video programming until the local schools re-open.


“The staff  is producing at least 2 live programs a day to keep kids connected to the Boys & Girls Club through live online meetings – giving them an outlet at the end of the virtual school day to do something fun and to connect with familiar faces and routines.”


The Club offering a variety of virtual programs, both live and pre-recorded, that members, and any Cape children and teens, can join. Live programs will air at 4PM every weekday afternoon on Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Program links are sent out on FB and by email every day, and a new link must be used every day to access the live programs.


Additional programs added during the week will be shared via the Boys & Girl Club Face Book Page and in the daily email.


If you want to receive the emails with links to the programs for the day, please send your name and email address to: info@BoysGirlsClubCapeCod with “Daily Email” in the subject line.


The virtual Boys & Girls Club Schedule for the week of April 27 is as follows:


Monday April 27:

Work Out Challenge with Jorge – kids will take part in 4 workouts in an hour; and Madden Monday for the Teens. Please note that Teens will be notified of teen programming via the Club’s Teen Instagram account. Details are below.

The Club will be running a Pre-taped Program called Motivational Monday and a Daily Fitness Challenge: Butt Kicks.


Tuesday April 28:

Art & Music with Jen; Scott will be live for homework help; and for the teens, NBA 2K with Mike at 4pm.

The Keystone Club will also be meeting at 8:00 PM

Pre-taped Programs include learning How To Scramble Eggs with Jorge, and the Daily Fitness Challenge: Donkey Kicks.


Wednesday April 29:

Reading and an English Language Arts Game with Rachel; Karate & Self Defense with Lloyd; and for the Teens, Call of Duty Warzone at 6pm and

The Pre-taped Programs are:  Daily Fitness Challenge is Leg Raises; and the Keystone Club has taped a show called Dana’s Riddle Wednesday.


Thursday April 30:

Girl Talk with Jenn; and Trivia with Jorge; and for the teens, Tournament Thursday with Mike.

Pre-taped Programs include the Daily Fitness Challenge: Arm & Leg Planks; and Talk About it Thursday.


Friday May 1:

Yoga for Kids with Nora; and Mad Science with Scott; and for the teens, Fortnite Friday.

Pre-taped Programs are the Daily Fitness Challenge: High Knees; and Best Mask Friday.


The Boys & Girls Club is also offering Free Tutoring & Homework Help with Scott three days a week.  Having trouble with math or anything else?  Help is here!  The Club knows that becoming your kid’s teacher can be challenging so they are bringing back their tutoring and homework program live via Zoom. Scott, the Club’s Education Director, will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment to give your kid a hand with the things that have you stumped! Email Scott at: to set up an appointment.


Club Caravan Visits:

We will be going out and visiting our members for a drive-by hello and wave every two weeks.  The next drive-by is scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd  in the late afternoon.

“Our caravan is like the ice cream truck – only not so musical!” says Ruth Provost, the Club Executive Director. “ Listen for the horns honking in your neighborhood and come out and wave to us! Send us your address if you want us to try to get to you!  We can’t get to everyone, so if we don’t make it to you, we will the next time!”

If you would like a drive-by at your house so  just email them or send a message on the Club’s Face Book page, with your address and the number of kids you have, and they will add you to the list for the next drive-by.


Live programs for the younger children in grades 1-8 will be offered via Zoom, which in the interest of safety, allows the Club to limit contact to the group, with no private interactions between kids and staff, or each other, outside of the meeting..


The parent, not the child in grades 1-8, will be notified of the on-line link to the live program every day by 3:15 pm on the Boys & Girls Club Facebook page

or the link can also be emailed to the parent.  All the parents need to do is click on the daily link at 4pm, or at the scheduled time,  to have a child join the program.


To protect our children, the daily links will be sent to parent email addresses, The Club asks parents who would like to receive the email links to send an email to them with your name, your children(s) names, and the parent email you  would like them use for the daily link. The Club’s privacy policy of not sharing that information with anyone else applies.


Otherwise, check out the Club’s Facebook page at 3:15pm for the daily link and more information on the program.


In addition to live programs, the Boys & Girls Club is posting ideas and activities for children and families on their Facebook page every day.

“Not on Facebook? Think about signing up, and then chose to have the Boys & Girls Club’s page as your only contact so you can follow along without giving up your privacy,” says Provost.


Teen Programming will be run by their teen director, Mike Landers, using the Boys & Girls Club monitored Instagram account to let teens know what programs are running, and at what times. Mike will be using the Instagram’s Direct Messages so teens can reach out to him for anything regarding game tournaments, questions, or if they just want to talk. He will be checking for messages and will get back to them as soon as possible, but in the interest of safety, all conversations will include at least three people. The Instagram account is open to all Cape teens and the link for teens is:

@theclubcapecod  or


The Xbox account is also monitored and the teens on it will be there only with Mike’s permission. Xbox Live lets Mike have up to 2-18 teen members online at one time, depending on the game that week. All games will be on “private” settings created by Mike.


These settings only allow members of the club that add the Boys & Girls Club Xbox Gamertag (TheClubCC) so it is important that the teens send friend requests to that account to make the process easier. In games, Mike and the kids can talk to each other, but the only thing visible on their screen is the game, which Mike will be taping to share with the kids afterwards – and to let them know who wins.  Prizes will be awarded for Xbox Tournaments!


Lastly the games played will be age appropriate for grades 6-12 or for grades 9-12 to play in the coming weeks. Mike will post on Instagram every week letting teens know the time and the game, and about any other upcoming programs.


In addition to live and pre-recorded programming, the Club’s teen character and leadership group, Keystone, will be meeting at their usual time virtually on Mondays at 6:30 and Torch Club for the younger children will be meeting on Thursday’s at their normal time.


The Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod opened in 1999 with huge support from the community.   It now serves 1,089 Cape Cod children and teens, providing homework assistance, mentoring, tutoring, drug & alcohol resistance programs, STEM programs, character & leadership programs, and classes and clubs in sports, recreation, mathematics, chess, and dozens of other subjects.  508-477-8845; Website: ; email:;   Teen Instagram: @theclubcapecod or ; Xbox Gamertag: TheClubCC; Facebook:


Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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