Bagel Haven 2018 S.C.O.R.E. of Cape Cod’s Build a Better Mousetrap Award Winner

Jamie opened Bagel Haven in the spring of 2013. Since then, Bagel Haven has been compared “Cheers”: a place where everyone knows your name. Jamie and her staff try to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, to make everyone who visits feel comfortable and at home at Bagel Haven. If you go enough times, Jamie is going to recognize and remember you. If it’s your first visit, she is still going to treat you like a neighbor and friend. Kindness goes a long way for small businesses in Mashpee.

Jamie has always been led by her heart. She first pursued a career in social care, followed by an attempt at establishing her own non-profit organization. Ultimately, she realized there was a way for her to follow her passions and still give back to her community by opening a for-profit business as a vehicle for good.

Establishing her own business did not come easy, it required a lot of work. Fast forward five years. Jamie has found several ways to share Bagel Haven’s success with her community. Going back to her career roots in the non-profit arena, Jamie hires dishwashers and part-time help through CapeAbilities—a local non-profit organization that assists and empowers people with disabilities.

In addition to hiring individuals of all abilities, Jamie also gives to local organizations. If a local group—such as the police, fire, scouts, or Mashpee school sports teams—ask for help with a fundraiser, Jamie will contribute what she can. She also supports the Mashpee Chamber’s Season of Illumination by donating gifts and participating in the Breakfast with Mrs. Claus scavenger hunt and dining for a cause.

Jamie encourages her patrons to support local groups by inviting people, especially young kids, to sell raffle tickets out front of the shop. “Because we’re small, it’s hard for people to get past without being noticed,” Jamie says.

“I am literally living the American Dream” says Jamie. She gets to be her own boss, work hours that allow her to participate in pastimes she is passionate about and give something back to the community that supports her and Bagel Haven year-round.

Many local businesses support local fundraisers, but another aspect of Bagel Haven makes it stand out among the rest. Inside Bagel Haven, there is an “Artist of the Month” wall, dedicated to local artists and photographers. This began when a former employee of Jamie’s began replacing the mass-produced art that hung on the wall with her own one-of-a-kind works of art. This was the beginning of Bagel Haven’s relationship with local artists. Anyone interested in becoming artist of the month should go visit the shop and ask Jamie about signing up. There’s no fee to hang art in Bagel Haven, and no commission if something is sold. The dedicated wall is there to help the artists.

Jamie moved from her home in the suburbs of Chicago to study classical piano in Boston, so she remembers and understands the hardships artists face, the work that goes into promoting their art, and how hard it is to get noticed. There are no requirements, no judgements, and no conditions on having your artwork displayed on the wall. Everyone gets to feel at home at Bagel Haven, from the up and coming artists to the eager breakfast seekers.

Jamie Schuh, owner of Bagel Haven

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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