Spring Forward, Daylight Savings Starts on March 12th

Can you believe we’re almost into March? Sunset is a whole hour later now than it was in December. We set our clocks an hour forward on Sunday, March 12th at 2 AM. Isn’t this great? It’ll still be light out at 6:30 PM. It will still be dark in the morning for the early risers, but don’t worry! The sun rises about a minute earlier each day, so we’ll be back to sunrise at 6 AM by the beginning of April. Spring is certainly coming and not only will the days be getting longer, but the weather will get nicer!

When you set your clocks an hour ahead in a couple weeks, another good thing to do would be to switch out the batteries on your smoke detector and replace the lights. I have never heard anyone mention the lights in correlation to daylight savings beginning and ending, but it’s just a good thing to do. So, not only are you killing one or two bird with a single stone, you’re killing three. Plus, this also means you’ll be using your lamplight less with longer daylight hours, so they will last longer.

You can purchase batteries for your smoke detector at these following stores:

True Value, located at Deer Crossing. Their hours are 8 AM – 5 PM.
Walgreens, located at South Cape Marketplace. Their hours are 8 AM – 10 PM.
Roche Bros., located at South Cape Marketplace. Their hours at 7 AM – 9 PM.
Stop and Shop, located at the Mashpee Commons. Their hours are 6 AM – 12 PM.

You may also purchase lightbulbs at Stop and Shop, Walgreens, and Roche Bros.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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