Small Business Saturday – November 28th

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday and it is a hectic day for everyone when the big businesses open as early as 4 in the morning! Chain stores thrive on this day with thousands, even millions, of customers coming in to do their holiday shopping. The profits these businesses make are in the millions, if not billions. They don’t have to worry about filing for bankruptcy with the government. But where does that leave the small businesses that doesn’t have chain stores nationwide and even internationally? It’s not that they’re struggling being a small business and having profits a thousandth of what the big chain businesses make. But these small businesses are really what make America thrive.

A lot of the products at small businesses are made locally, at home, and you can be sure you’re getting what you are paying for. They are excellent for the economy in the long run, but they can only do it with the support of customers. Small businesses also bring in new jobs for residents and part-time residents in small towns such as Mashpee. The day after Black Friday is known as Small Business Saturday, a day to recognize and shop at these small, local businesses. Make your holiday shopping a bit more personal at these places. You will be helping not only these businesses, but the economy as well as potentially providing the money for them to hire new employees.

Why go through the hassle of shopping amongst thousands of other people when you can spend the day after Thanksgiving at home with your family. Go shopping on Saturday instead at a local business, where you can be sure you get what you’re paying for and it is a lot less stressful.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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