SCORE Business Workshops

Upper Cape Chambers of Commerce Short Courses with S.C.O.R.E.

Register Now for the Fall/Winter Upper Cape Chambers of Commerce Short Courses hosted by SCORE Cape Cod and the Islands through a grant from Cape Cod 5 Foundation. Be a life-long learner to grow your business by attending one or all of these FREE workshops.


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1. Financial Statements for Busy People.

Financial statements can be a very useful tool in managing your business. In this workshop, we will provide an overview of basic financial statements and what they can tell you about your business, and discuss working capital and cash management and simple forecasting of future results.

2. Business Planning Simplified.

Running a small business can be an all-consuming undertaking. It helps to have a plan. This workshop will explore a simplified means of business and strategic planning through use of the Business Model Canvas.

3. Branding – Making a Lasting Impression.

Small business marketing is more than just the four “p’s” of product, price, promotion and physical distribution. You need a brand. This workshop will explore the key elements of building your business brand through identifying and reaching your target audience by both traditional and digital channels.

4. Making Your Marketing Messages Stick.

Whether you are making a sales presentation, communicating with a customer in your store or selling your services to a homeowner, your messages need to STICK. They need to be memorable to pass the blur test. In this interactive session, you will be exposed to a process for creating and delivering messages that won’t slip away.

5. Networking – a Must Do for Your Business and Why.

To grow your business, you need to grow your network. This workshop will provide you with the tools that you can use to expand your sphere of influence and grow your business.

6. Gold Medal Customer Service – a Key to Success.

Businesses on the Cape are based on offering products and services to full time and vacationing customers. To create loyalty and a sound base of business, you must provide gold medal service to your customers so they not only return but become your best sales reps. This workshop will explore the elements of gold medal customer service.

7. Top 10 Simple HR Practices.

No matter what size company you run, chances are that at some point you will face an HR issue that exposes your business to financial, reputation and other loss. This workshop explores the top ten HR practices that are relatively simple to implement and go a long way towards protecting a business from significant loss.

8. Managing the Millennial Workforce.

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest portion of the workforce. This workshop will help you to learn about effectively managing your millennial employees, including best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.


9. Social Media Basics

This workshop will cover a number of basic social media ideas for business.  Topics include an overview of the most popular social media networks, general guidelines on what will be attractive content on those networks and how to post on them, and how to plan social media campaigns and look at basic analytics to gauge effectiveness.