Mashpee Community Signage Forum Follow Up

Mashpee Business Community,

The purpose of this message is to keep you connected with what the Town and the Mashpee Chamber are doing to address the sign law challenges that some of our small businesses are facing.

There was a follow-up meeting on Weds., August 23, with Town Manager Rodney Collins and with me, Mary Lou Palumbo the Mashpee Chamber’s Executive Director.

The Town and the Chamber made it perfectly clear at that meeting that we are genuinely interested in providing assistance to our local businesses as long as we work together in a positive and professional manner.

Here are some quotes and suggestions for next steps from Town Manager Collins:

“I stand by my statement that the Town is ready and willing to consider any reasonable and proposed changes to facilitate the interests of the merchants. However, the Town also has a vested interest, as mentioned today and at the last meeting, to ensure that the Town is not littered with scattered signs that ruin our appearance and become roadside eyesores.

As mentioned at the first meeting and again at today’s meeting, there are two separate and distinct approaches to take to resolve this matter. One is the “sign policy” controlled by the Board. The other is the “sign zoning bylaw” that requires a super majority for modification. As stated, the latter is a much higher hurdle. The zoning bylaw covers private property while the policy is applicable to public rights of way.

The next step is for the working group to make recommendations for further review. I have previously committed a town official to the working group for convenience. However, as suggested earlier today, possibly a better way of coordinating this is through e-mails. Once there is a collective and final recommendation, I will bring suggested policy changes to Town Counsel for review and make a professional assessment for the Board of Selectmen.

Any zoning bylaw recommendations will also have to be reviewed by Town Counsel. Additionally, planning and building will be directly involved in zoning modifications and such changes would require a two-thirds vote at Town Meeting.”

Rodney Collins, Mashpee Town Manager

Let’s take advantage of the opportunity the town is giving us to bring forth recommendations to modify the sign zoning bylaws.
The sooner I get your recommendations, the sooner we can get this moving.

On behalf of the Mashpee Chamber, I thank our town manager for being approachable and available.

If you are interested in participating in this ongoing discussion, please contact me at

Mary Lou Palumbo
Executive Director
Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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