How About a STEM Themed Easter Basket?

This is a great idea (and alternative to candy) that you can put together with inexpensive items from the dollar store or with items you already have in your kitchen!
Not only will you inspire the scientist in your little ones, you’ll have so much fun doing various experiments together.
Some simple ideas to include in your STEM Easter Basket:
 Dinosaur or other Slime Eggs
Grow Capsules
(sponge animals)
Water Beads (Orbeez)
Straw Rockets
Wind up Airplane kit
Balloon Cars
DIY Oobleck Ingredients
(Cornstarch, Water, Food Coloring)
Jellybean structures with toothpicks (add Peeps or marshmallows, too!)

Idea presented by Cape Cod Children’s Museum

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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