Connect with the Dynamic Spring Energy of Renewal and Hope

It’s about Renewal and Hope, the two things that keep us going in bad times and good. Spring and the Wood Element are all about these strong feelings. It takes the strength of a tiny seed that pushes itself through the soil to emerge and grow in the sun, a chick pecking the shell of the egg to live- well, you get the idea! Happy spring, happy renewal and hope. It is built within the spirit of each of us, all we have to do is connect with that essence.

In the spirit of Spring with all it’s busy activities and demands, those at Acupuncture & Associated Therapies would like to give a quick reminder to us all to remember self care, quiet time, meditation and thankfulness. From our ability to do these – the dynamic spring energy begins.

Acupuncture & Associated Therapies are offering several opportunities for you to engage in self care – the gong meditation coming up this weekend, thermography service for non-invasive testing, and exploration and information with Deb and Cinda’s program on the 28th. Your participation is encouraged.

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Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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