Bright last minute gift ideas from Mahoney’s


The bright colors of the Cyclamen can add a warm burst of color during the cold winter months. The orchid-like blooms sit atop of marbled foliage and tolerate the cooler, drafty areas better than any other flowering houseplant. We love to place them in a pot from our large decorative pottery collection or combine with ferns and other foliage plants for a holiday feeling. Available in an array of colors from white to hot pink and red, there’s no easier way to get a pop of color indoors this time of year. Try our mini sizes which are perfect for the windowsill or to mix in with your terrarium or dish garden. Great gift idea too.


Orchids create a sophisticated focal point for any home or office. The exotic blooms add a touch of fresh color and charm that matches the aura of the changing seasons. Whether you’re looking for a special gift, or to bring a bit of nature’s beauty and warmth into your home, the orchid plant makes an elegant statement of style. With its exotic mix of delicacy and drama, the orchid blossom’s mysterious allure will intrigue and delight. Choose from our large selection of orchids! We have a very wide variety of orchids in decorative planters to fit any style.



The amaryllis is a favorite festive flower that produces lasting, beautiful flowers indoors each winter. The shapely blooms and rich, iridescent colors of Amaryllis light up a cold day like nothing else we know. A holiday tradition to many, easy-to-grow Amaryllis always make the perfect gift. We are proud to offer a large selection of stunning colors that add the perfect accent to any setting. Add a decorative pot and bow for a gift to give or even keep this holiday season.

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Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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