Becki’s Blog: 2017 Mashpee Magazine Cover Contest!

The town of Mashpee invites you, the citizens and visitors of this wonderful town, to help us create the cover for the 2017 Annual Magazine! Each May, the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce releases the Mashpee magazine for seasonal visitors and residents like you. The magazine is not only distributed here in Mashpee, but it’s also on stands throughout Cape Cod and spots that advertise Cape Cod towns throughout the state! The Mashpee Magazine contains informative articles about businesses and each year, the Mashpee Chamber board members decide on the theme.

Mashpee-Chamber-of-Commerce-2016-Guidebook-CoverThere are many, many hours that goes into making the Mashpee Magazine what you see on stands throughout Cape Cod and Massachusetts. We try to come up with the new theme for the magazine before the Christmas holidays and begin working on articles immediately after the new year. I have written a total of five articles for the Mashpee Magazine since 2014: one before I began to volunteer, two articles last year, and two articles this year. After the Board and Mary Lou decide on the theme, I brainstorm ideas for my article. It takes weeks of editing and sharing with the team before its perfected.

Meanwhile, Katy and Mary Lou collect ads from Chamber members as well as the articles that will be printed in the Mashpee Magazine. Mary Lou and Katy also collect event dates so we can list them in the upcoming events section of the Mashpee Magazine. The whole team at the Mashpee Chamber check, double check, even triple check close to publication date to make sure there aren’t any errors shown in what will become the new Mashpee Magazine. We want to make sure there aren’t any errors with member listings and upcoming events, so you get the correct information from the Mashpee Magazine.

Even though we have about three months to work on the Mashpee Magazine, there’s always something that comes up at the last minute. Fortunately, we are able to fix everything before the pages get printed and duplicated in the thousands. We aren’t the only ones doing work for the Mashpee Magazine either; we also have a designer who works on the layout of the pages and makes sure everything is easy on the eyes and attractive to those of you that read the articles. We try to group ads on the same page as well and leave pages with articles ad-free, unless it is related to the subject of the article.

Even though we may be busy preparing for the Mashpee Magazine between January and April, we still have other events going on during these months as well as our daily responsibilities here at the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce. Even though it’s the off-season on Cape Cod, the town of Mashpee never closes and we want to make permanent residents and winter visitors aware of just what is going on around town. I still write blogs on the Mashpee Chamber website during the winter.

As for the Mashpee Magazine, you can expect to find more than just articles on businesses and organizations around Mashpee. You can also find information on the town, important phone numbers, website addresses, a listing of local businesses and services, as well as a map of the town. Of course, words themselves just aren’t enough to keep visitors and residents interested, you guys want to see snapshots of Mashpee and what makes it the place to be during the summer. This is why we’re having the Mashpee Magazine Cover Contest!

The contest runs from now until November 16th. You may submit a 4.5×4.5 inch photo at 300 DPI. Multiple submissions are allowed, but please insert each individual file in separate emails. The photo/artwork must be from 2016, preferably of spring or summer scenery, and must show Mashpee. You may send the email to with the subject heading “Mashpee Magazine Cover Contest” and you may find the form to fill out here.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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