After Labor Day on Cape Cod

The summer season on the Cape lasts from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, a span of about thirteen weeks. Even though a lot of summer visitors return inland or to their respective hometowns as the children begin the school year, that’s not to say Cape Cod shuts down completely. There are some businesses that are open year-round, not necessarily just during those thirteen weeks of summer. Siena Restaurant is one of those businesses in the Mashpee Commons that remain open year round. It’s my favorite destination during the winter. But I am getting a bit ahead of myself here.

It is only Labor Day after all, and the summer heat doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. With quite a bit of visitors gone, this leaves beaches and shops less populated. You will be able to enjoy a quieter, kid-free beach and shopping centers. Labor Day is the day everyone decides to head back inland to go home and prepare for that first day of school on Tuesday. You’d also be saving the gas you’d be wasting sitting in a three-hour long traffic jam on Route 495 or Route 3.

So stay on the Cape an extra day, and take advantage of the quieter beach or calmer Mashpee Commons. If you have a summer home, you can go back and have a last hoorah cook-out to conclude the summer season. Make plans to have a couple friends come down for a visit over the weekend and have them spend the week if you don’t decide to return on Tuesday. But you are most definitely welcome to return later on in the month, or any time between September and April!

The town of Mashpee and the Chamber of Commerce continues to hold a variety of events throughout the fall. As for your favorite shops and restaurants in the Mashpee Commons, they continue to remain open year round.

The 46th Annual Scallop Festival takes place on September 18th, 19th, and 20th at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds in East Falmouth. For more information, visit or call 508-769-6000 x10 for more details. I’ve gone to the Scallop Fest a couple times, I loved it, so you should definitely check it out. The scallop is amazing!

The 2nd Annual Dunkin’ Donuts Shipyard Pumpkinhead Road Race takes place on October 3rd, beginning across the street from the Mashpee Public Library. Register by August 31st for a guaranteed discount and an event T-Shirt. To register online, go to This should be a wonderful day for your family or a couple of your friends while doing a healthy activity.

The 27th Annual Mashpee Oktoberfest is on October 3rd, after the Pumpkinhead Road Race on the Village Green in the Mashpee Commons, across the street from the Mashpee Public Library.

November 8th is the 6th Annual Girls’ and Dolls’ Day, a day  where the Chamber of Commerce welcomes young girls, boys, dolls, and toys to join in on a day of fun in Mashpee! From 10:30am to 3pm, the young ladies and lads will be treated to fun activities, such as bowling, shopping, beauty, sweets treats, arts and crafts, and lots more! Call the Chamber of Commerce for more information at 508-477-0792.

The Mashpee Chamber of Commerce’s Twelve Days of Christmas Live Online Auction will take place from December 1st to December 12th. Visit between these two days to place your bid on amazing gifts, which has been generously donated by local businesses.

December 12th is the 10th Annual Mashpee Chamber Christmas Parade! This wonderful holiday-oriented event is growing and has become a part of local holiday traditions in the past decade. It will be an unique nighttime parade, where each float is brilliantly illuminated in the spirit of the season. More information can be found on or by calling 508-477-0792.

Author: Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

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